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London is one city on earth travellers are desirous of visiting many times in their lifetimes. This the reason the international airport is always busy. Heathrow is the busiest airport in the world with international flights landing at frequent intervals. It is estimated that millions of people visit London every year. It is because of the influx of visitors that the city acquires the notorious tag as the most expensive city. Indeed London is very expensive in terms of hotel accommodation. The hotels in the city could hardly accommodate the large crowd of visitors making it into the city for various purposes. Most of the expenses hotels are meant for the wealthy class would always want to stay in the luxury hotels in the city. Sometimes people erroneously think that there are no cheap hotels in London. There are London hotels cheap in different parts of the city. It is always difficult to secure accommodation in these cheap hotels.

The hotels in London are not expected to be cheap like other hotels in England outside of London. The forces of demand and supply play a great role in selecting cheap hotels in the city. The cheap hotels in London are fully booked most of the times because millions of the travellers who could not afford the high cost of the expensive and luxury hotels compete for the inexpensive ones around the attraction landmarks in the city. Both the affluent and non affluent travellers come to London for the same purpose. Most travellers to this great city come here for sightseeing. There is no other part of this world that is endowed with London in terms of sightseeing icons. Every part of the city has something unique to offer to their visitors.

Some of the best destinations travellers come to see in London include the Buckingham Palace, the London Bridge, Big Ben, and the Westminster Palace, the British Museum located in London, London Eye, the Trafalgar Square and thousands of other attraction centres in this great city are the flash spots travel from far near London to see . Most of these landmarks are situated in central part of London which is the most expensive part of London. The cheap hotels here are always full to the brim because that is the place the non affluent visitors coming into the city would afford.

There are several London hotels cheap that are located in such areas of London like the Oxford Street, the Carnaby Street, the Mayfair area of London, the Jermyn Street, Westfield street in London, Regent Street, the Notting Hill, Kensington High street as well as the Bond street. There are several other parts of the city where cheap hotels could be found which are coexisting with the luxury hotels. There are some of the family hotels that offer multiple hotel services. This means that they provide good hotel accommodation for the affluent visitor and budget accommodation for those on economy trip. The challenge here is that these hotels are always booked up.

The best way of getting cheap hotels in this great city to search for these cheap hotels around and book for its accommodations in advance before they are filled up. It is important to check whether is better to be in the waiting list of these cheap hotels instead of lodging in hotels that charge exorbitant rates. A search through the internet would be much useful in making a choice of cheap hotels in London.

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