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Victoria and Albert Museum the Best in the World

The Victoria and Albert Museum London are being refurbished to meet the demand of modern day visitors. Because of the huge traffic of visitors coming into the museum on daily basis there becomes the need to give it a redesign. The future plan of the V&A museum is to rehabilitate the amenities that visitors use and to rearrange most of the collections inside it. It is to make it reflect the changing trend in the society as it would best suit the 21 century England. The redesign is done with the collaborative efforts of architects and designers the country could boast of.

Part of the Victoria and Albert museum the redesign plan could affect include the entrance to the exhibition road, Room 40 of the museum, the clockworkers centre, the Europe 1600 to 1800 galleries as well as the cast courts in addition to the planned inclusion of new furniture galleries. The expansion is funded by money generated from private donors and the friends of the museum. The new project to be carried out at the exhibition entrance road is the building of the pedestrian exhibition road within the theatre. There is also planned new road that would serve as entrance into the museum. There is also the plan to add the court yard for the installation of art as well as other galleries for more exhibitions. The project which would take more than thirty five million pounds is handled by the best designers in the world. The job was given to Amanda Levete; they beat other hundreds of designers from the other parts of the world who competed for the redesigning of this great museum in London England.

The clockworkers centre is aimed at the fortifying the collections already at the custody of the V&A museum. There are several works on fashion and textiles that would be preserved with the best materials. The clockworers centres are to preserve, store, protect and study these fashion and textiles in one room in such a way that it could last for hundreds of years. It is with the same vision that the conservation studios, seminar rooms as well as the study are to be redesigned to enhance its access by experts and researchers. The formal entrance to the Blythe House of the museum is to be redesigned with the aim of improving the entrance to this section of the museum.

The part of the redesign project is to be named Clockworkers centre because the Clockworkers’ Foundation is donating a significant amount of money used in the renovation and redesigning of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The furniture galleries are to add to the beauty of the museum and would serve the interest of travellers better. The change in design of the museum is to make it reflect the trend in textile industry and also make the visitors have the true value for the money they spend here. Most part of the Victoria and Albert Museum is already open for operation like the furniture galleries. This is going to be the best of its kind when the whole project is completed.

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