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Tate Modern: the Best Art Gallery in the World

The London Tate Modern gallery is the most visited art gallery in any part of the world. Available records indicate that not less than 5 million people come to this art gallery yearly. The Tate modern is located in one of the most impressive buildings in London England. The building it is currently housed used to be a power station serving the bankside area of London. Since its conversion to the art gallery, it is the public building that is frequently visited by local and international tourists. The location is very close to most of the landmark icons in the London city. Opposite the Tate modern is the Thames River at which bank are located some of the nicest attraction destinations in the city. Near the building is the magnificent St Paul’s cathedral. The elegant and imposing millennium footbridge is near at the other side of the river. It is evident that people who visit the other landmarks near the river would take time to explore the best art gallery in the city of London.

There was public concern when the power station at that place was decommissioned. There were concerns in some quarters that the important national edifice maybe demolished to pave way for commercial businesses. There were public campaigns to reuse the venue for important landmarks. In 1994 the authorities yielded to reason and decided to give it to the Tate Gallery as a second building. Since then the building has become very important for British visitors because this is the place one would see only the British arts exclusively. In 2000 the building was opened for international arts. This becomes the place where one would see the best of the contemporary and international arts.

The conversion was helpful for Tate because the whole height of the building were used up including the turbine hall. There became available more spaces for the accommodation of some of the modern art works. The available spaces were used to exhibit the best collection of art on rotation basis. There are some exhibitions in the building that gained the international attention. One of such exhibitions includes the work of Louise Bourgoise. The name of the work is the Maman as well as the Weather Project prepared by Olafur Eliasso. These two arts were such popular that they gained public acceptance and attention from all over the world. People do come from all parts of the earth to see these two great art works.

There are lots of international and contemporary art exhibition here from all parts of the world such as China, France, Germany, Italy, and several other countries. The place alone contributes a great percentage to the number of foreign travellers coming into the London city. The venue of the gallery is good because it is very close to the other attraction centres in the city. One could secure hotel accommodation in any of the hotels within the city and have quick and easy access to the gallery which is at the heart of London city. Cheap hotels could be found but one must search seriously for it. Booking hotel accommodation in advance is the best way of securing cheap hotel accommodation here.

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