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Visit Science Museum to Observe the Wonders that Changed the World

The science museum in London is one of the three museums in the capital of England. The museum is under the supervision of National Museum of Science. This world acknowledged museum is situated in South Kensington and is very close to the sister museums such as the Victoria and Albert museum. The museum is made up of seven storey building and it is the best places for science inclined tourists to visit. There are different galleries in this museum which showcase the technological development of the society

This museum was conceived in the year 1857 to become part of the Kensington museums. It was to accommodate some of the relics of the great Victorian era artefacts. As a matter of facts, some of the items of the Victorian era are some of the things contained in this great museum. Some of the Victorian items that form part of the exhibitions in the science museum include the oldest steam engine, the first ever produced jet engine, first documents to be typed by the earliest design of type writers. However, it was in the year 1909 that the museum was transformed into Science museum which houses only science collections. This was when science collections dominated all the items that were accommodated at that museum.

Today this is the major institution in the country that houses all the scientific collections. It is one of the most visited museums in the world as millions of visitors come to this museum every year. There are more than three hundred thousand items that are housed in this museum which people come from all parts of the world to see. Some of the items that are concentrated include medical items and other items that related to healthcare. The medical items are concentrated on the 4th floor of the building. This is where one observes artefacts about the evolution of medical practice and medical equipment in this country. In the fifth floor which also contains some of the medical equipment shows the evolution of the different instruments used by the medical doctors from all parts of the world. It is not only the British medical practitioners that gain from the exhibition, doctors from the other parts of the world could gain from it as well.

Recently a new wing was added to the museum and it is to showcase the work of pharmacists. The centre was developed through the efforts of a pharmaceutical entrepreneur. The name of the pharmacist is Henry Welcome. It shows the historical evolution of bio science throughout the world. The medical collection of the science museum is considered as the best in the world. The other floors such as the ground floor are about space exploration. It has some information about the industrial revolutions. There some relics of the industrial revolution era such as the last body of the locomotive steam of that era. The other floors of the museum have other items about photography, printing technology and other aspects of scientific evolution. Visitors to the museum have the opportunity to see some of the machines and the concepts that changed the world.

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