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National Gallery: The Best Place to View The World Paintings

The national gallery in London is smaller when compared to the other galleries across the country. The number of items in the gallery would not be more than two thousand five hundred items. These items although are fewer than the collections in the other museums and galleries across the world, the collections are rich and contain the best information that one needs to know about the different periods of paintings in different European nations. The gallery does not only display paintings from England but paintings from the other European countries.

This is indeed a national gallery that is different from other galleries of other nations. Unlike what is obtained in many parts of the world, the national gallery in London is not a collection of royal paintings. The gallery has been independent of interference. It was 1824 that the government decided to help in purchasing some of the Russian paintings from a Russian artist. The paintings purchased here are about 38 in number. This is the national gallery that could boast of collections from the other parts of the European countries. There is a part of the national gallery called the Venturi’s Sainsbury wing; this is where important paintings from the Northern Renaissance era and that of the early Italians are deposited. The other paintings in the wing include the work of Van Gogh and his sunflowers.

The national gallery has been acquiring ancient paintings until the cost of acquisition increased beyond reach. In the past five decades it is increasingly difficult to acquire any of the old masters as the prices have gone up. Other paintings relating to the post impressionists era as well as the impressionists’ era have gone beyond what the government could afford. Through the efforts of the government and private efforts some remarkable purchases were made recently which include the painting of St John the Baptist, as well as the picture of the Virgin Mary, the Child with the St Anne.

People do come here daily from all parts of the world. The gallery workers always have tough times to control the number of crowds who come here on daily basis. It was to prevent the surge of visitors that led to the alteration of the elevation that was put in the 1830s. The tourists who come here do enjoy some free tours and talks daily. It is one of the national landmarks that are frequently visited by tourists from all over the world. Visitors who come here have lots of things to see and talk about.

Like other important landmarks in London it is also located in the central part of London. Securing a cheap hotel accommodation has always being difficult for the travellers because of the large numbers of people seeking accommodation. The hotels are always fully booked. Even the luxury hotels around the gallery are always booked. The best bet for getting cheap hotel accommodation near the gallery is by searching for cheap hotel accommodation months before the planned visit to the gallery. Alternatively one could choose any of the cheap hotels at the outskirts of the city. Usually with the network of rail, tube and road transport one would easily have access to the national gallery in London irrespective of the part of London he stays.

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