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Madame Tussauds is a great place in London tourists from other parts of the world scramble to visit. There are several interesting features in this wax museum which is the best of its kind in the city of London. Because of the large numbers of people coming into the museum there are several means of getting access to it. It is centrally located such that it could be easily accessed by road, by rail and by tube. The fastest means of accessing Madame Tussauds is by tube. The museum is located just few minutes away from the tube station in Baker Street.  This is the easiest means of getting to the place. Because of the huge numbers of people coming to the place, using the tube is always a better option. There are other routes such as the rail transport system. The nearest train station to the museum is the Marylebone. This is about 10 minutes from this train station. The distance is also not far. Many people could access the museum through the rail service. The same thing is applicable to the bus service to the museum.

There are different zones inside the Madame Tussauds. The first zone where travellers always like to visit is the A list party. Those who desire to see the best of the Hollywood stars would always come here. There is the party team room as well as the Royal appointment room. This is the place to keep appointment with the Queen of England and the members of the royal family. Those travellers that want to take photography with the royal family could do so here. The visitors here get royal appointment and souvenir.

The time it matters most during the visit to the Madame Tussauds is the Premier night. This is the time to have date with the old and new stars. One would always like to be part of the action. Here one would have direct contact some of the best stars in the world like the Downey Junior, Audrey Hepburn as well as Marilyn Munroe and several others.

Those who want to have the direct experience of Indian show should visit the Bollywood zone. This is the portion to experience the Far East stars. There are different stars from the Bollywood who partake in the shows here. It all depends on which part of the show that one wants to enjoy in Madame Tussauds. For those travellers whose main interest is in sports, they could enter to the sports zone and meet some of the best football stars, as well as the stars of other types of sports such as runners, car racers and drivers. This is the zone to test ones sporting skill. This is a very interactive zone.

The best experience that people would not easily forget here is the interactive side of the visit. The interactive ride is one thing that makes the visit unique. This is where one would relive the experience of London. The interactive ride is a must see for every visitor to this great place.

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