British Museum

British Museum: the Centre of the World Culture

British museum London is the only one of its kind in London. The museum is known as the centre for human culture and history. It has a collection of large volumes of British artefacts that is well over 7 million in number. The artefacts here are very reach and it touches all the continents of the earth. The arrangement of the artefacts in the museum is orderly and very easy to understand. It is arranged continent by continent. This makes it easier for one to identify each particular artefact. The way it is arranged is also unique in the sense that all the artefacts are well documented so that one could easily get accurate of information for each and every one of the items.

When the museum was set up in the year 1753, the artefacts there were based on the collections of popular physician and scientist Sir Hans Sloane. It was in the 1759 that the museum was opened for the public.

The museum was renovated about 200 years after it was opened to the public. The expansion led to some innovations in the museum such as the creations of different branch of the institutions. Several objects were added to the original collections which include the Elgin Marbles. This object stirred serious controversy such that there is demand for restitution. The British museum is housing both national library and the museum of antiquities within the same building. There is no other national museum in other parts of the world that has that type of arrangement.

For the 250 years this museum has existed, it has touched the lives of millions of people who come here to see and to learn. It is widely regarded as the encyclopaedia of nature and art. It is no longer the responsibilities of this museum to accommodate the artefacts of natural history. Another museum was created to take care of this responsibility. However, the artefacts at its possession are enough to recreate the history of the world and its people.

Millions of tourists from all parts of the world visit the national museum in London yearly. There is hardly any national museum that is frequently visited like the British museum. This is because the museum has all the information tourists are looking for. Any artefacts that one did not see here there is no way one could see it in any other parts of the world. It is unique because this is the museum that contained artefacts from all parts of the world.

The London museum is one of the most important national institutions at the heart of London city. It is located at the central part of London along some of other public institutions. There are large numbers of luxury hotels around the museum which travellers to the museum could stay and await their turn to visit the museum. There are cheap hotels as well near the national museum London. The problem of securing accommodation in any of the cheap hotels has to do with congestion. The hotels are always congested such that the number of guests on awaiting lists is even more than those that are already accommodated. However, the best way of securing accommodation is to make an adequate arrangement at least six months before making the trip to London, otherwise one would pay through the nose to get accommodation at the expensive hotel suites in London.

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