Ritz Hotel London Afternoon Tea

Be Part of Ritz Hotel London Afternoon Tea for the Highest Quality Tea

Tourists who come to London to get royal treatment should opt for Ritz hotel London. The hotel services that are offered at the Ritz are first class treatment and nothing less than that. Ritz is quite different from most other hotels in London both in the physical appearance and the qualities of services they provide to its customers. The hotel has a wonderful architectural design. The rooms were modified and increased to 133 to cater for the increasing number of customers coming there for accommodation. The furniture and the fabric are just marvellous. International tourists love this place that is where the get the best of afternoon tea London hotels experience.

The interior decoration is a clear example of modernity having an understanding with antiquity. This is unique because it is designed to accommodate people who desire modernity as well as those who want the antique of the British people. Modern facilities are working at its best here. The internet facilities are the fastest that one could get anywhere. The internet facilities are fitted with voice mails. Each of the rooms is fitted with electric power point as well as an ISDN line. This means that the business tourist could stay in the hotel and have access to all parts of the world. A customer could be at the hotel and interact with members of the family back home. The location of the hotel is one thing that makes it unique. Because of the location travellers could conveniently shop, visit other important places like galleries, clubs and go to other places without paying for transportation. This is because the hotel is very close to the attractive destinations.

The most beautiful part of Ritz hotel London is the afternoon tea service. This is a unique service that nobody would like to miss. To become part of the afternoon tea here one must book at least six months in advance. This is to show how attractive this place has become for local and international tourists. Different varieties of tea are offered here. Afternoon tea is a unique here because there is a dressing code which everybody who wants to partake of the tea must observe.

Coming for the afternoon tea with jeans and any type of trouser is not allowed for men. Everyone coming from the tea must dress like a gentleman with jacket and tie. Tea lovers would get their lifetime experiences drinking teas here. Different types of teas are served here which include the Russian Caravan, the Ritz royal English tea, Assam leaf, earl grey and several others.

This tea speciality apart, customers are given the best cakes. The cakes served here include the mango cakes, raspberry cream, chocolate cakes, fruit cakes, Ritz rose champagne, Ritz rose, flat tied bouquets, hand tied bouquets and several others. The hotels which opened its services since 1906 have been satisfying customers. The most interesting thing about their services is that they are affordable.

The afternoon tea experience is the best one could get anywhere. The tea services in the hotel are done in three different sittings. This is to accommodate the increasing number of clients who are booking for the services. The best way one would be sure of enjoying the afternoon tea London hotels service is to book in advance.





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