Langham Hotel London Afternoon Tea

Langham hotel London afternoon tea: for the original English Tea

Langham hotel is a great hotel in London. This hotel offers unique services. Perhaps one thing that sets it apart from other hotels in London is the quality of tea services it offers to its customers. Afternoon tea London hotels could be best experienced in Langham. This is the part of London one would see the true nature of British afternoon tea services. This is the place visitors would see that the British people are truly obsessed with tea culture. There are certain things that make the type of tea served here different from what is served in other hotels across the city of London.

Langham hotel London afternoon tea is always associated with wonderland tea. The teas are referred to as wonderland tea because it is the best tea selection one could get in the land. Langham boasts of serving the finest teas and pastries to the customers. The most popular tea served here is the salmon smoke sandwiches. This specie of tea is loved by people because of the health advantage. It is a better alternative to the common calorie rich tea which is offered by most of the hotels in the city of London. People who are conscious of their health would go for the Langham hotel London afternoon tea.

Because of the popularity of the tea services the original beauty and design of the hotel was restored. This is because of the large number of visitors coming here to taste the afternoon tea. The hotel is historic. The Victorian style which the hotel was known for was restored. The number of luxury rooms has now been restored in 380. The function rooms are now 15 while the palm court where the afternoon tea takes place is great place to behold.

Visitors come here not just to drink tea. They come here for hotel reservation as well. The hotel which is located in the heart of the town provides affordable services. Most visitors coming into the hotel could afford the cost of the services they provide.

Langham hotel is a great heritage hotel. It is historic indeed having entertained people that matter in the past. Since 1865 the hotel is known for hosting important personalities in London society. Celebrities, princes and princesses and highly placed people have occasion to attend functions here. The hotel has been restored to its previous glory. Today it is playing host to celebrities and royals. This is the first gland hotel that has ever opened in the continent of Europe. The hotel has a great reputation. It is this reputation that sets it apart from other hotels.

It is because of its touch with history that makes it provide the original tea which the English people are known for. The best English afternoon tea would be enjoyed here. Foreigners who want the original taste of English tea always come here. The accommodation here is superb. The basic amenities have been restored such as an internet connection. Live bands are always there to provide entertainment for customers who come around for the afternoon tea. Visitors who want to see the present and past of London mingle together should make a trip to Langham and have the real experience of afternoon tea London hotels at its best.

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