Connaught Hotel London Afternoon Tea

Connaught hotel London afternoon tea: for English Traditional Tea

Connaught hotel is one of the historic London hotels. It is a hotel that is located in Mayfair. Perhaps, it is the most famous Mayfair hotel. The hotel has undergone some renovations in the recent years to make it relevant to the people. Like the old soldier that never dies, Connaught has a lot to offer to its customers in terms of afternoon tea. One thing with these historic hotels is that the type of services they provide is always to reflect the original culture and values of the English people. For the best of afternoon tea London hotels experience tourists do not hesitate to visit Connaught.

Tea services in Connaught Mayfair are not like what is obtained in some of the recent hotels. Connaught has been part of the British tea history. They have been serving teas to the people for centuries. They retain the original value of afternoon tea service. They serve their afternoon tea from 3.30 pm to 5.30pm daily. However unlike the other hotels that serve the afternoon tea, Connaught places the privacy of its customers high. That is why the afternoon tea service is served in the bedrooms. This means that the customer must have a bedroom to enjoy the tea services.

As would be expected the cost of the rooms are not exorbitant. Anybody who desires to take the original English tea should not hesitate to spend the small amount they charge for the services. All the rooms were renovated to add to its beauty. More ambiances are added to the rooms after they were renovated.

Those who do not want their teas served in the bedroom especially those who do not have a bedroom accommodation could take the afternoon tea in the drawing room. The drawing room was also modified to look more attractive. More facilities were added to the hotel after the renovation. The facilities were for the enjoyment and the relaxation of the visitors.

It is not only afternoon tea that the hotel is known for. As a historic place it served as the host for the English Gentry. This was the place the gentry stayed when they visited the London city. It was selected as the place the gentry will stay because it was of the best of what the city of London could offer at that time in terms of hotel reservation. The recent renovations were to restore the aesthetic value of the premises and make it more attractive to millions of travellers who come to the city of London from all parts of the world.

The original value of the hotel has been restored. It is one of the most comfortable places people stay when they come to London. It offers one of the first class accommodations here. With its location near the city centre, customers of the hotel would not have any problem accessing other parts of the city. It is located near most of the attraction facilities in the Mayfair area of London. Tourists lodging in the hotel would not have the need to spend extra money on transportation because most of the things they come to see in London are very close to the hotel. Visitors would not only have the opportunity of seeing the attraction sites in Mayfair London, they would take the best afternoon tea London hotels.

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