Browns Hotel London Afternoon Tea

Browns hotel London afternoon tea: the Place for the Greatest Tea Experience

Visitors would have the best afternoon tea London hotels experience at Browns hotel is located in the centre of the city. It offers the finest tea in the United Kingdom. The British culture of afternoon tea can be witnessed at its best in this hotel. Afternoon tea services in the hotel are observed with lots of fanfare. To have the best experience of tea drinking in the United Kingdom, one is always advised to go to the hotel where it is best served. This is where browns hotels London have great edge over other hotels in other parts of the city.

Browns hotel London has consistently retained its position as the best place afternoon teas are served in this country. The tea guild which was set up to assess all the tea serving hotels has returned this verdict for a number of times. The tea guild is mandated to get the best tea drinking hotel in the city every year. They adopt different criterion in making its assessment. Browns hotel London afternoon tea is the best in the country.

One may ask what exactly are the factors that favour Browns hotel London over all the other locations tea drinking are done. The first has to do with the quality of teas the hotel prepares for its customers. Browns hotel London realise that their customers are coming from different backgrounds. Although British teas are great, they mingle the British teas with teas from other parts of the world. They serve different varieties of teas. While some of the hotels in the city could only boast of 2 types of teas, browns now offer about 17 brands of teas. They make this possible by training their workers to be experts in tea making. The tea flavour is quite different from others.

Another thing that makes them unique is the tea drinking environment. The tea environment is a true reflection of the original English Tea Room. The English people are known to be friendly and accommodating. The British culture is replicated in the tea rooms. The waiters are always at the service of the customers waiting patiently to take their orders. The tea room is lively with entertainments with piano music. The environment is quite unique. It is very clean. The selection of scones, cakes and sandwiches are the best and that is because it is done by experts. Their knowledge of different types of teas is one singular thing that puts them ahead of other tea hotels in this country.

Customers are free to make their own teas at browns hotel London. Those who could not make the teas on their own are helped by tea sommeliers. These are people employed by hotel to facilitate tea making process for the customers. That is why anybody’s choice would be easily prepared here. The wonderful thing about the services they provide is that it is affordable. One would have thought that with the high class tea they prepare that they would charge more than others. That is not the case. The services they provide are affordable although they are not the cheapest hotels in the city. This is the best place for anybody who wants the true test of afternoon tea London hotels service.

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