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The Best Places to Have Afternoon tea London hotels

The English man drinks tea a lot. Afternoon tea is therefore a way of life of the British people. That is why it is common to see London hotels offering afternoon teas to its customers. Anybody who has visited London or who wishes to stay in their hotels should be prepared to take the teas at least once in a day. It is the way of relaxation and the British ways of hospitality. Hotels in London therefore try to emulate that. Foreigners coming into the London always want to have the taste of their tea. There is different afternoon tea London hotels located in different parts of the city.

One good hotel that is popular for serving teas to its customers is the Berkeley hotel.  This hotel serves teas for its customers from to 3 to 6 pm daily. The tea the hotel serves include homemade pastries, sandwiches and warm scones served with Devonshire. This hotel is very popular for serving afternoon teas and it has the heart of many visitors.

Another popular hotel in London that is famous for serving afternoon tea to customers is Brown hotel. This is one of the historic hotels in London city. It is one of the pioneer hotels built in London. The hotel is such popular because of its unique atmosphere. They blend their teas and serve it to their clients between 3 to 6 pm on weekdays. On weekends the tea is served between 1 to 6pm. Many people come here on weekends to taste their tea. They make the atmosphere very cosy. Anybody looking for the best afternoon tea hotel should not forget to try Brown hotels. It is a unique tea hotel in London.

Another great hotel that is famous for afternoon tea is the Cadogan hotel. This is one of the oldest hotels in the London city. The hotel was established around 1887. Since its inception it is famous for being a historic tea house. The hotel is loved by travellers because of the great atmosphere and peaceful environment. The period the hotel serves its tea is from 3 pm to pm. The place the teas are served is well furnished with Edwardian architecture. The furnishing of the tea room was fantastic. The armchairs and the sofas are well furnished for the comfort and relaxation of its customers.

Any visitor who has not tasted tea at the Connaught hotel is missing a lot. This is a famous hotel located in Mayfair. This is the place that accommodated the English Gentry when they visited London. The tea is served in the bedrooms as well as the drawing rooms. The time of service is between 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm daily. They have maintained this service for a long time. Travellers always have great tea experience here. The rooms have undergone some renovations in recent times to add more comfort to the visitors.

There are other afternoon tea London hotels. The list is inexhaustible. Tea is very popular in London. Most people who want to drink afternoon teas always book for it ahead of time to avoid disappointment. London residents do come to these hotels to take afternoon teas. It is the way of life of London residents.





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