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London is the world cultural centre. This is the place tourists would enjoy the best of architectural buildings, art, history, culture as well as entertainment. There are several tourist attraction centres in London city which tourists would desire to visit anytime they come to the city of London. Here are some of the best London tourist attraction centres.

The best London tourist attraction centre is the Tower of London. This is the building that played significant role in the historical development of English people. This is one of the oldest structures in the world. It was built in the 11th century. The tower is situated at the bank of River Thames. This is the centre in England that has attracted most of the tourists coming into the country. The tower play hosts to millions of visitors across the world every year. It was a palace, a prison yard, base for military equipment as well as important places for royal jewels. The UNESCO understands the value of this tower and named it one of the world heritages.Cheap London Hotels

Top Visitors London Tourist Attractions

The other important destination in the London city is the tower bridge. This is referred to as the London Bridge. This is the bridge that runs across the Thames River. This bridge which was constructed for several decades opened for use in 1894. It is one of the oldest public buildings in the UK. Visitors to the bridge always head to the exhibition centre where everything about the bridge is explained. This is one of the points where one would have a better view of English skyline. It is a very important place in the capital London.

Another attraction icon in London is the Trafalgar Square. This is the foremost public square not only in London but the other parts of the country. This square is also historic as it was built to remember the historic Trafalgar battle. The square is located in central part of London and it is surrounded by other important national icons like the National Gallery and few others. This is one of the most important public places people like to visit anytime they visit this part of London.

Another important destination in London England is the London Dungeon. This is a must visit site for London visitors. It is a famous destination centre in England and it clearly depicts some of the important historical events in the country. This site that is very attractive to younger people because of the special appeals it offers to them which include the live drama, special rides, and special effects. This dungeon was opened in 1974 and it has dominated the attention of the young travellers since then.

London Tourist Attractions Around the City

Another great place to visit in the city of London is the Globe theatre. This placed was developed in honour of the famous British writer William Shakespeare. This is situated at the bank of River Thames at the Southern end of the river. This theatre was built around the 17th century. The theatre is also very historic as it went through difficult challenges. This theatre attracts millions of visitors from all parts of the world yearly. Lots of activities take place including drama and entertainment, restaurants as well as lobby. This is the best for place for entertainment in London.


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